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Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Long Island

Treatment with children and adolescents:
Dr. Kratter's approach to treating children and adolescents involves a great deal of openness and flexibility. It is difficult for most children to sit comfortably in a one-on-one setting and converse for 45 minutes. Using less rigid, more informal techniques to establish rapport and engage the child's cooperation and participation, the sessions are often structured to be fun, engaging, and supportive. Children tend to look forward to their appointments, becoming more focused and cooperative in working on their issues as time progresses. The process is more of an interactional approach, rather than a psychodynamic one. 

  Ego-supportive techniques and cognitive strategies are utilized to help children feel better, more confident, and equipped to cope with challenges and difficulties they may be experiencing. With adolescents, the approach is also more upbeat and interactive, rather than stiff and formal. A session might be held outside of the office shooting hoops, or checking out CD's in a local store. The key ingredient is the ability to engage the teenager, who most likely, has a significant amount of resistance to being involved in a treatment process to begin with. Ego supportive psychotherapy can be extremely effective with teens that are struggling. 

  Family sessions are often used as a key ingredient in facilitating better communication between parents and teens, and between teens and their siblings. School consultations can also provide a vital link i the overall adjustment and progress of the child.

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